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We, the Hong Kong Amateur Dragon Boat Association Ltd., are a non-profit making sports organization established since 1988 and our prime objective is to promote dragon boating activities.

We organize various forms of dragon boat activities. On the racing part, we have regular straight course sprinting races for both standard sized dragon boats as well as for mini dragon boats. Our ‘Summer Vigor Mini Dragon Boat Race’ is the most popular series that held on an annual basis and attracts more than a hundred teams every year. Apart from conventional racings, we have our ‘Hong Kong Dragon Boat Marathon’ – an exceptionally long distance (more than 28 km) paddling race. This event has been hosted annually since 1994. The Marathon is unique to all other races in Hong Kong and around the world, and it poses an extreme challenge to all participants both in terms of physical strength and will-power. It is considered an honor and achievement to have completed this most grueling race.

Apart from races, we also organize various training courses for paddlers, steersmen, umpires and coaches. Some of these courses were conducted jointly with the famous Shunde Dragon Boat Team where participants had the opportunity to share experience with these renowned dragon boat enthusiasts.

We also help schools and companies to form their own dragon boat teams and to organize ‘Fun Day’ for them for recreational and team building purposes.

Address : P.O. Box 21,Sai Kung Post Office, Sai Kung, Kowloon.

Phone Number: +852 8103 8233

Fax Number: +852 2363 2727

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77b47295-439f-41dc-a2db-efcc2d26e820主席鍾偉民副主席(對外)陳明儀 副主席(技術)陳無畏 義務秘書 莫彥婷義務財政楊志釗教練(對內)陳無畏教練(對外)陳明儀, 温健明總務蔡文華義務幹事葉輝華主席鍾偉民副主席(對外)陳明儀 副主席(技術)陳無畏 義務秘書 莫彥婷義務財政楊志釗教練(對內)陳無畏教練(對外)陳明儀, 温健明總務蔡文華義務幹事葉輝華


職位 姓名
永遠榮譽會長 鄭家潤
永遠名譽會長 歐偉中
永遠名譽會長 張天送
永遠名譽會長 蘇志清
主席 Chairman 鍾偉民
副主席(對外) Vice Chairman – External 陳明儀,
副主席(技術) Vice Chairman – Technical 陳無畏
義務秘書 Hon. Secretary 莫彥婷
義務財政 Hon. Treasurer 楊志釗
教練(對內) Coach – Internal 陳無畏
教練(對外) Coach – External 陳明儀, 溫健明
總務 General Affairs 蔡文華
義務幹事 Hon. Committee 葉耀華
名譽法律顧問 葉俊遠律師
名譽顧問 洪經芝
名譽顧問 黃光耀

Address :

Hong Kong, Sai Kung Post Box 21

Contact Number : +852 8103 8233

Fax number : +852 2363 2727

Email address : vicechairman_pub@dragonboat-hk.org

Website address : http://www.dragonboat-hk.org


Hong Kong Amateur Dragon Boat Association Limited